Advanced Seminar CPS

General Information:

  • Advanced Seminar (wissenschaftliches Seminar) in English
  • 5 ECTS-Credits
  • One written scientific report and one oral presentation (10min) 


  • 18th of October, 2018: Kickoff meeting
  • 24th of January, 2019: Report hand-in deadline
  • 31st of January, 2019: Presentations
  • 7th of February, 2019: Presentations 


Each topic can be chosen only once by a student:

  • Stability analysis of aperiodic control systems pdf (available)
  • Scheduling for cyber-physical systems pdf (available)
  • Formal methods for control of traffic flow pdf (unavailable)
  • Model reduction of interconnected systems and its application to power networks pdf (available)
  • Compositional safety synthesis for interconnected systems based on set-invariance pdf (available)
  • Symbolic models for state-dependent switched systems pdf (available)
  • Infinite abstractions for state-dependent switched systems pdf (available)
  • Compositional construction of finite MDP for networks of stochastic switched systems with unstable modes pdf (available)
  • Compositional controller synthesis for networks of stochastic systems via finite abstractions pdf (available)
  • Compositional finite MDPs for continuous-time stochastic hybrid systems pdf (available)
  • State-space quantization-free abstractions for stochastic control systems pdf (available)
  • Tools and testbeds for the development of control software for autonomous vehicles pdf (available)
  • Compositional abstraction-based controller synthesis for continuous-time systems pdf (available)
  • Entropy: control system stabilization and invariance pdf (available)
  • Robot motion planning under high level specifications pdf (available)