Advanced Seminar CPS

General Information:

  • Advanced Seminar (wissenschaftliches Seminar) in English
  • 5 ECTS-Credits
  • One written scientific report and one oral presentation (10min) 


  • 18th of Jan, 2018: Report hand-in deadline
  • 25th of Jan, 2018: Presentations
  • 1st of Feb, 2018: Presentations 


Each topic can be chosen only once by a student:

  • Stability of interconnected dynamical system via relaxed small-gain type conditions pdf
  • Compositional abstraction of interconnected control system pdf
  • Compositional Construction of Finite Markov Decision Processes for Networks of Discrete-time Stochastic Control Systems pdf
  • Compositional Construction of Infinite Abstractions for Networks of Discrete-time Stochastic Control Systems pdf
  • Formal methods and neural networks pdf
  • Recent advances for the construction of abstractions pdf
  • Security of cyber-physical systems  pdf
  • High Performance Computing for Complex CPS pdf
  • Machine learning methods in CPS pdf
  • Robot motion planning under high level specifications pdf
  • Vehicle Platooning pdf
  • Resource-Aware Control and Dynamic Scheduling in Cyber Physical Systems pdf